Herbs comprise one of the three pillars of your health and well-being, the others being diet and lifestyle.

The herbs and spices Nora Coers tends to use in her Ayurvedic practice are ones which you can find easily and may even already have in your kitchen cupboard.

These may come in the form of a pre- or post digestive drink. For example, if you are suffering from too much fire in your body - visible in the form of skin rashes or infections or emotionally in the form of outbursts of anger or jealousy - you may be given a mixture of cumin, turmeric and coriander to help your digestion. Or if you are suffering from too much water and earth - and are consequently carrying too much weight - you may be recommended to start your meal by drinking a glass of ginger tea.

Ayurveda tells us that if your digestion is strong, you can digest rusty nails. And if it isn’t, no amount of medicines will be able to help, as they will just lead to congestion within the body.

So every preparation within Ayurveda’s extensive pharmacopeia includes something for the digestion, so that we will actually be able to digest the medicine we are ingesting.