Ayurvedic Cleanse

I'd like to bring to your attention the possibility of doing an Ayurvedic cleanse with me.

The purpose of this Ayurvedic cleanse is twofold.

Firstly, to reduce the amount of undigested matter in the body. Known as 'ama' in Sanskrit, undigested matter can be anything you've ingested: wrong foods, negative emotions or thoughts.

Secondly, to show you which foods you have trouble digesting. We all have something which disagrees with us, causing us to experience pain, bloating, wind, nausea, sleeplessness and weight gain, to name but a few.

The procedure is as follows:

Week I,
drop one of the following per day, according to your choice:
♦ alcohol
♦ coffee
♦ dairy
♦ sugar
♦ wheat
♦ meat (including fish and eggs)
♦ raw (fruit and veg)

Usually you'll drop that which you feel you need daily last and reintroduce it first.

During this week you'll be taking ghee, doubling the amount daily. This pure fat will penetrate each of our trillions of cells, strongly diluting or even completely cleansing them of fat-soluble toxins. You will then take a mild purgative to clear the GI tract of these toxins.
The difference is between this cleanse and fasts, that something actually changes on a cellular level.

Week II,
eat warm vegan food, preferably kitchari

Week III,
reintroduce the foods. During this week your body will talk to you, you might feel hot and irritable, pain, sleeplessness, sluggishness etc, telling you which foods to strongly reduce or preferably avoid.

I'll be leading you through this, staying in touch daily in order to help you overcome obstacles and answer your questions, of which there'll be plenty!